Gravesite Directions

Loudon Park Cemetery, 3620 Wilkens Avenue, Baltimore, MD.

Note: The Cemetery office is in a building marked “Funeral Home”. Stop there to get a map of the cemetery which notes twenty-five points of interest.

Hours: Administrative office:

  • Sun: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Mon-Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Directions to the cemetery:

  1. Take I-95 South (towards DC).
  2. Take exit “50 A-B Caton Ave.”
  3. Bear right, “Exit 50 B—North—Wilkens Ave.”
  4. Merge onto S. Caton Road.
  5. Go straight on S. Caton Rd, past St Agnes Hospital on your left.
  6. Make a left at the light onto Wilkens Ave.
  7. The gate to the cemetery at 3620 Wilkens Avenue will be on your right.

Directions to the gravesite:

The Mencken gravesite is in the northeast corner of section “W”.

  1. Come through the Main Entrance at 3620 Wilkens Avenue.
  2. RIGHT onto the parking lot in front of the funeral home.
  3. LEFT at the carport at the end of the Funeral Home.
  4. RIGHT at the Fernwood signpost. There are mausoleums to your left. You will see the Stewart/Bowman Monument.
  5. LEFT at the T-intersection. You will see the Livingston Monument.
  6. RIGHT at the T-intersection at the Edgevale sign.
  7. RIGHT at the top of the hill at the Edgewood sign onto a traffic circle.
  8. RIGHT at the one-way sign (you will see the Depkin-Nelson Monument).
  9. Go down the hill and across a bridge over a small stream.
  10. Make the SECOND LEFT after crossing the bridge. You will see the signpost marked “YY” and the Eidman Monument in front.
  11. At the “X” signpost jog RIGHT then LEFT.
  12. After perhaps 100 feet keep an eye out on the left side of the road for a dark, stubby granite obelisk-style memorial for “Smith”.
  13. Right next to the Smith family plot is the Hensel family plot.
  14. The Mencken family plot is behind the Hensel family plot, the headstones facing away from the road. HLM’s ledger-style gravestone is a large plate on the ground.

Remarks: Real fans of HLM may want to bring a gallon jug of water and brush with stiff plastic or straw bristles in order to wash and sweep out the debris which accumulates in the relief-work of HLM’s ledger-style gravestone.

“Her [Sara’s] ashes are buried at the foot of the grave of my mother, and beside her there is room for mine. Thinking of her, I can well understand the great human yearning that makes for a belief in immortality, but I do not believe in it, and neither did she. We have parted forever, though my ashes will soon be mingling with hers. I’ll have her in mind until thought and memory adjourns, but that is all … We were happy together, but all beautiful things must end.”

— HLM, Diary, Entry for 1940-05-31, p. 143.

Memento mori.

Map: Find-a-Grave