13th Mencken Graveside Memorial (2018-01-28 14:00)

The Mencken Graveside Memorial will once again be conducted by Oleg Panczenko at the Mencken gravesite at Loudon Park Cemetery, 3620 Wilkens Ave, Baltimore, MD.

The brief memorial will be held Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM. Attendees are invited to retire to Spirits West, 2601 Wilkens Ave. after the memorial.

Loudon Park Cemetery: enter at 3620 Wilkens Ave, Baltimore, MD 21229. Note: the Frederick Ave entrance is closed. Enter through the Wilkens Ave entrance.

Location of grave: N 39° 16.693′ W 76° 40.683′ (39.278217°, -76.678050°)

For GPS users: Google maps recognizes geographic coordinates and knows the cemetery’s roads. Note that the Frederick Ave entrance is closed. Split your trip into two parts: leg 1 will be from your origin to 3620 Wilkens Ave, Baltimore, MD; leg 2 will be 3620 Wilkens Ave, Baltimore, MD to 39.278217°, -76.678050°.

Spirits West Country Club: 2601 Wilkens Ave (Cor. Millington Ave), Baltimore, MD 21223. (Make a left turn from Loudon Park onto Wilkens Ave. and drive 1.6 miles. Spirits West will be on your right at the end of Baltimores’s longest block of row houses and across the way from St Benedict’s Church.)

Updates and changes due to inclement weather will be posted here on the Society’s website.

Mencken's Grave-site

Map to Mencken’s Grave-site

2 responses to “13th Mencken Graveside Memorial (2018-01-28 14:00)”

  1. In case there’s an event this year (ie., 2019), you should probably be aware that the map as shown probably won’t work; the Belmont to YY route across the creek has been closed since June, probably due to the severe flooding the U/RR/Whatcoat area took last year from all the rain Baltimore received. (I have family buried in Whatcoat, and it’s been quite distressing to see the state of the cemetery there.) You and guests will need to the left past Belmont, go through the other gate, take the right up the hill, and then the right again to go past W and XX to reconnect with the route shown on your map.

    I mentioned flooding, but Mencken and family are fine. He’s well above and some distance from the area that flooded, and when I visited the cemetery just before Christmas his area was fine. I’ve driven past Mencken many times when leaving that side of the cemetery, and I actually went looking for him and Babe Ruth’s father over in T at that time.

    • Many thanks for the update. I’ll reconnoiter today. There will be a memorial service this year, even if it will have to be held in the parking lot.

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