Mr Mencken on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

Mr Mencken was used to introduce the final segment of the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley for 2013-08-05. The story was about Carol Ott of Baltimore who shames owners of run-down property in the city by posting their names and photographs of their falling-down buildings on her website

The introductory part of the segment begins at approximately 17:09 and lasts about sixteen seconds. The whole story may be viewed at

The newsreader is Maurice DuBois (Scott Pelley was out on assignment).

[17:09] DuBois: “The legendary journalist H. L. Mencken wrote that his row house in Baltimore was as much a part of him as his hands and that such feelings for one’s home were more enduring there than in any other big city in America, giving Baltimore its superior charm.”

A picture of Mencken and then of the house follow. Oleg Panczenko provided the picture which he on took August 8, 2008. CBS removed the color and cropped the image.

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