H L Mencken Stamp

Mencken Five Cent Stamp
Mencken Five Cent Stamp

This stamp is not official US Postal issue, but it ought to be. Produced by Society member Otto David Sherman, these stamps won’t pay for your mail to be delivered, but they will allow you to declare to the world your Menckenophilia.

We can’t claim that these stamps will appreciate in value as have the “Inverted Jenny” or the “Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill“, but one can never tell.

Indulge your timbromania. Get this stamp by joining or renewing your membership in The Mencken Society. Renewing members of the Society will receive a strip of five (5) stamps and new members will receive two strips (10 stamps).

Come to the Mencken Day celebration at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, September 8, 2012, and be one of the first to get these (non-USPS) issues.

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