3 thoughts on “The Free Lance 180, December 23, 1911

    • Missing Free Lance 160, November 28, 1911.

      I had what I thought was a compete set of the Free Lance columns and so numbered them sequentially. Unfortunately, I found that there were items missing. I can see why: the microfilmed images of the missing items are so poor that OCR is impossible. The articles are, with difficulty, readable but have to be keyed in manually. Adding the missing articles and assigning them the proper sequential number (I don’t want to add suffixes, that is, e.g. 160, 160a, 160b, 161) results in everything following being renumbered.

      The Free Lance column of November 28, 1911 is now number 158; the two previously missing items are now numbers 159 (1911-11-29) and 160 (1911-11-30) and are currently just placeholder files with the message that text will be added.

  1. Thanks for the explanation, Oleg.
    Your work retrieving these old Mencken columns is very much appreciated by me!

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